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4Ci believes in achieving excellence by treating its employee’s right. Each of us have our own goals and vision to achieve. At 4Ci, we go beyond the common set of corporate protocols to understand your priorities, expectations and the best way to help you achieve them. Our commitment is to make best possible efforts to exceed your expectations, deliver on our promises made, build a culture of mutual respect and appreciation; address employee issues diligently and promptly.Let us be partners in success and achieve excellence as a team.

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    4Ci has strategic collaboration with world’s largest consulting firm to professionally train consultants on software programming languages and tools. Investment in state of the art infrastructure, live hands class-room style training and strategic collaboration makes 4Ci’s training program unique; both for our employees and fresh talent looking to enter consulting world.

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    An employee is our responsibility and not a liability. Mutual respect, professionalism, and appreciation for job well done are the cornerstone of relationship between employer and employee.

    4Ci is the leading provider of consulting and staff augmentation services in North America. 4Ci’s HR model is based on a simple principle of “Progressive Career Path (PCP)” for its employees. We believe that our growth is as important as our employee’s growth; hence we value our employees as the most important asset. 4Ci strives to provide a diversified workforce with a positive environment by acquiring the most talented, committed professionals. A career at 4Ci is all about fun and challenges, where you can learn, experiment, deliver and grow and of course help us grow as an organization.

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    North America Regional Offices & US Delivery Centers

    1011 Mumma Road,
    Suite 202
    Wormleysburg, PA - 17043
    Tel: (717) 214-7308

    2170 West State Road 434,
    Suite 470
    Lake Mary, FL 32746
    Tel: (321) 283-3771

    10440 N Central Express Way,
    Suite 643
    Dallas, TX 75231
    Tel: (214) 698-8633

    General Business Contacts:
    United States

    For inquiries related to our business:
    eMail: or
    call: (214) 698-8633 x 5000

    Human Resources
    To apply for job please:
    call: (214) 698-8633

    General Inquiry
    Main board: (214) 698-8633
    Fax: (214) 698-8630

    Registered Offices
    Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Washington DC

    Asia Pacific :

    India Office Address
    D-18, B D A Colony
    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

    For inquiries related to India operations:
    eMail: or
    call: (469) 619-9040 or 91-755-2541512

    Human Resources
    To apply for job:
    call: (469) 619-9040 or 91-755-2541512

    General Inquiry
    Main board: (469) 619-9040
    Fax: (214) 698-8630

    Corporate Office
    Meadow Park Tower
    10440 N Central Express Way,
    Suite 643,
    Dallas, TX-75231
    Main Board:
    8:30am-5:30pm CT M-Fri

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